An Introduction to Statistical Concepts and Reasoning

The aim is to help medical researchers understand the concepts underlying the statistical methodology used in published medical research.  We do not intend to teach the theories and applications of specific statistical tests and methods, but rather to give an overview of the underlying structure of statistical thinking. By the end of the course, participants should have increased confidence when interpreting the statistical portion of a medical paper, and when interacting with statisticians.

The target audience is those working in the medical and health sciences and who are faced with the challenge of interpreting statistics. Those new to working as statisticians are also likely to find the course helpful but are advised that the course focus is on the ideas and concepts that underlie statistical methods, rather than on the precise details about which statistical methods to use and when. Although the course will assume as little prior knowledge as possible, participants are advised that some previous exposure to statistical ideas is highly desirable.

An Introduction to Statistical Concepts and Reasoning
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