Bioengineering conference: Innovation through convergence

Talks will cover the broad range of research underway in the Cambridge area, with a particular focus on West Cambridge.

The conference is organised by Cambridge University Engineering Department, in conjunction with the IMechE Biomedical Engineering Division. Speakers are expected from all West Cambridge University departments, as well as local industry.

Speakers from Cambridge academics, including:
•    Clemens Kaminski. Optical microscopy of molecular mechanisms of disease.
•    Lisa Hall. Bio-inspired materials engineered for sensors.
•    Jag Srai. Reconfiguring medicines' end-to-end supply.
•    Sarah Bohndiek. Translating optical imaging biomarkers for early cancer diagnosis.
•    Christopher Procter. Advanced neural interfaces.
•    Joan Lasenby. Analysis of gait for rehabilitation: vision and learning techniques.
•    Ruth Cameron. Ice templated structures for regenerative medicine.
•    Shery Huang. Multi-process biofabrication for bioinspired tissue models.
•    Róisín Owens. The world is not flat: 3D cell models and devices.
•    Alexandre Kabla. Rheology of simple tissues.

Bioengineering conference: Innovation through convergence
Date and Time

Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), University of Cambridge
17 Charles Babbage Rd

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