Bioengineering Conference

The keynote address from Professor Mihaela van der Schaar (DAMPT) will highlight innovations in machine learning as applied in healthcare. Other talks will cover the broad range of research underway in the Engineering Department.

Speakers from Cambridge academics, including:

Mihaela van der Schaar. Learning engines for healthcare: Using machine learning to transform clinical practice and discovery.

Somenath Bakshi. Ultraprecise timelapse phenotyping: methods for analyzing control in cells

Sebastian Pattinson. Biomechanically tailored mesh for wearable and implantable devices

Fumiya Iida. Soft robotics: Turning soft materials into intelligent bioengineering applications

Rasha Rezk. Glioblastoma mechanics as a novel potential target for treatment

Felice Torrisi. Tailoring materials for wearable electronics and bio-engineering applications

George Malliaras. Electrophoretic devices for localised drug delivery

Flavia Mancini. Understanding the human brain mechanisms that make us feel pain

Bioengineering Conference
Date and Time

St Catharine's College
Trumpington Street

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