Cardiovascular Disease Workshop

Between 2010 and 2020, it is expected that the number of people in England suffering from cardiovascular disease will increase by 59,000.  Around one third of the difference in life expectancy between the most affluent and deprived areas in the UK is believed to be attributable to cardiovascular disease.  The diversity of entry point to the healthcare system, the personalised nature of treatment and the impact on lifestyle choices means that this chronic condition is highly suited to a systems-engineered treatment process.


This Workshop provides a forum to develop a roadmap for engineering and physical sciences research to improve the assessment and treatment pathways for cardiovascular disease.  Speakers from the clinical, engineering and industrial communities will give their perspectives on the clinical requirements that should be driving the development of these pathways, the technical opportunities that lie ahead and the barriers that exist which have to be overcome for eventual adoption in the public healthcare system.

The Roadmap from the Workshop and associated Call for Proposals will be published in February 2017.

Call for Proposals

The output from the Workshop will be an openly accessible roadmap which sets out the engineering and physical sciences research challenge in a clear clinical context and will be accompanied by a Call for proposals for pilot projects which initiate new research collaborations to address the roadmap.  Proposals to the Call must include at least one person in the research team who has attended this Workshop.

Who should attend this Workshop?

We welcome participants from across the clinical, the academic engineering and physical sciences and industrial communities to this Workshop. Please remember one condition will be that project proposals to the Call which will follow this Workshop must include someone who participated in the Workshop.  Academic and other non-commercial participants from within the UK will be able to have reasonable travel expenses reimbursed (subject to the University of Cambridge’s standard conditions).

Cardiovascular Disease Workshop
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