CW International Conference

Tensions between the generations pepper the media – Brexit vote, pensions, house prices, climate change - all opportunities to highlight the forces of inter-generation division. Wireless technologies are however increasing in value for all generations, and enabling shared experiences across the generational divides. The millennials are quick to adopt services offered in the sharing economy such as mobility-as-a-service. The next "Generation z" is the mobile-on-TV generation, where second screen and novel user interfaces are common place; and the baby boomer’s adoption of mobile and wireless is creating new opportunities in remote healthcare and medical segments. IoT promises to connect everything to everybody, as smart cities evolve to become liveable cities, where quality of life and security are core to the digital transformation. Can transformational forces in businesses that cater for a workforce that is retiring later, the growth in the mobile workforce, and new digital practices, be turned to competitive advantage through digital transformation? How can digital enable larger older businesses to work effectively with the new generation of entrepreneurial startups? You will learn through thought leading speakers and networking with your peers how you can harness the transformational forces and dynamics of the generations to achieve competitive advantage. Join CW for their annual conference, where the vision of an entrepreneurial society will become tangible and discover that in the connected world the generations have far more in common than that which divides them.

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CW International Conference
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