Genomic Medicine for Clinicians

The rapid advances in sequencing technologies and genomic medicine are opening new opportunities and challenges for clinical diagnostics. The third course in this series aims to equip clinicians from a variety of fields with the knowledge and skills to work in genomic medicine. The course programme will provide an introduction to the genetics of complex diseases. It will also focus on new strategies and technologies to move from genetic association to understanding causal biology and disease risk. The use of microbial whole genome sequencing in diagnostic and public health, particularly its applications to disease outbreak investigation and antimicrobial prescribing, will also be discussed. The course will combine lectures, discussions and computer-based sessions. This year there will be practical sessions on genome-wide association studies and the use of public genome datasets. This course is suitable for consultants and trainees (either general practitioners or other specialists) with an interest in complex disease genetics, personal genomics and the translation of genomics into clinical practice. Research-active clinicians are also welcome, but this is not a requirement. Familiarity with basic genetic concepts  is expected, but core principles will be reviewed. To facilitate discussions and interactions with tutors and other participants, places on this course are limited to 40 participants.

The Royal College of Physicians (London) has awarded this course 15 credits for the purposes of CPD. 

Learning outcomes 

Following attendance of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and critically evaluate the current field of genomic medicine.
  • Discuss critique merging sequencing technologies used in gene identification.
  • Interpret and communicate the findings of a Genome-Wide Association Study.
  • Integrate and assess the use of genomics in the clinical environment, for example, when prescribing drugs. 
  • Identify and discuss future opportunities and challenges of the use of genomics in clinical medicine.
Genomic Medicine for Clinicians
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