Senescence UK 2016

There have been astonishing advances in our understanding of the role of senescence in both normal development and the development of cancer. This meeting will highlight advances in the field of cellular senescence and ageing, their application to cancer biology and will promote talented scientists in this developing field. The symposium will showcase submitted works from groups around the UK and Europe, in addition to invited talks from newly appointed group leaders from the UK in the field of senescence:

  • Daniel Munoz-Espin (CNIO, Madrid & University of Cambridge) A novel tool for cancer diagnosis and therapy based on senescence-specific nanoparticles
  • Juan-Carlos Acosta (Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre)

The sessions will cover: senescence & ageing; senescence & cancer; senescence & the tumour microenvironment; chromatin biology in senescence. Senescence-focused meetings are only held every other year in the UK and we hope it will offer a great scientific and networking opportunity.

Senescence UK 2016
Date and Time

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
Robinson Way

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