Shooting Your Research Video

Why is YouTube popular? Because people love watching videos. A research video can be a great way to get your message across to your collaborators, your friends, and the wider world as well as being a condition of some funding bodies.

But it isn't easy to do well - and this is where this course will make a difference. Come along and learn the skills needed to plan and shoot high quality footage for research videos so that your video can stand out from the crowd. You just need yourself, a camera phone and your enthusiasm!

Target audience: GSLS PhD students and post-docs.


  • Bring a fully charged smart phone with a camera or a digital camera capable of shooting video
  • USB cable to transfer footage to a laptop. 
  • Charger in case your battery doesn't last
  • Laptop with free 'Hit Film 4 Express' software downloaded (

If you do not have a phone or camera you should contact to arrange to borrow a camera. They only have a few available.

Shooting Your Research Video
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Cambridge Institute of Public Health
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