The climate crisis is a health crisis: how can innovation help?

The scale of the climate crisis is immense - and its repercussions are toxic to human health. Whether through rising temperatures, air pollution or changing patterns of disease, climate change is having a profound effect on our wellbeing.

A societal shift powered by innovation is needed. At this event, we’ll bring together academics and industry experts to explore ideas and what the environmental emergency means for human health. With a wide range of topics - from sustainable production to reducing air pollution - we hope to broaden the discussion and realise the potential of multidisciplinary research to tackle the most pressing issue of our generation.

You will hear talks from several experts together with a panel discussion, followed by a networking session where food and drinks will be provided.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Dr David Aldridge, aquatic ecologist, University of Cambridge
  • Theresa Neely, lead toxicologist, Cambridge Environmental Assessment
  • Dr Gareth Roberts, business development and IP, Cambond
  • Michael Evans, CEO, Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd
  • Ting Lye, CEO, Ambify

The climate crisis is a health crisis: how can innovation help?
Date and Time

Trinity Hall
Trinity Lane

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