Translating Genomics in Oncology 2020

Are you interested in applying your expertise to address genomics challenges in oncology? Would you like to learn more about ways to move your research from bench to bedside in Cambridge?

The CRUK Cambridge Centre's Onco-Innovation Programme, jointly with the Early Detection Programme and University Enterprise Zone, are keen to invite you to their virtual event focusing on Translating Genomics in Oncology 2020 (TGIO) from 10:00 – 14:30 BST on Monday 12th October.

Hear from speakers including:

  • Dr Michael Salako; CRUK-Start Codon
  • Dr Kathryn Chapman; University Enterprise Zone
  • Dr Laura Blackburn; PHG Foundation
  • Dr Charlie Massie; University of Cambridge
  • Dr Amanda Wooding; Cambridge Enterprise
  • Dr Matthew Farren; CRUK Commercial Partnerships
  • Dr Anita Marguerie de Rotrou; Office for Translational Research, Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine

The TGIO event will also see the launch of a multidisciplinary entrepreneurial challenge with exciting prizes to be won including:

  • £10, 000 Sequencing Grant
  • Entrepreneurial Mentorship and Coaching Sessions
  • Fast-track to final application round of Illumina Accelerator Cambridge
Translating Genomics in Oncology 2020
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