Dr Hans Hagen

Chief Operating Officer

Hans was trained as a parasitologist and medical entomologist at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK, and the University of Tübingen, Germany, where he received his PhD in 1992. During his research career in the field of infectious tropical diseases, he undertook substantial field research on the transmission of river blindness, in mainly Francophone West and Central Africa. Hans has also worked in a number of laboratories in Brazil, USA, France, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, and the UK. In 1999, Hans decided to switch careers, and started his new post at the Wellcome Trust, mainly working with science communities outside the UK (India, Central Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America). 

In 2006, Hans was recruited by the Royal Society, originally to develop the Society’s capacity strengthening programme for sub-Saharan Africa. This programme was initially focussed on Ghana and Tanzania, resulting in the Leverhulme - Royal Society Africa Award scheme, which was successfully launched in October 2008. This was followed by a more ambitious pan-sub-Saharan Africa programme, launched in November 2012, after obtaining substantial funding from the Department for International Development (DFID). In 2014 he was promoted to Head of Grants of the Royal Society, and in August 2015, Hans took on the post of Chief Operating Officer at CUHP.

Dr Hans  Hagen