Creating the skills to develop our future workforce

Today’s Budget highlighted a number of announcements which could help ensure Cambridge cements its position as the UK Capital of life sciences.

These include:
  • The introduction of the T-level with the number of hours training for 16-19 year old technical students set to increase by over 50 per cent. The new qualifications will include a high-quality 3 month work placement for every student.
  • The funding designed to help the UK compete in science and innovation with £300m for research talent, including 1,000 PhD places for STEM subjects and £270m for robots, driverless cars and biotech.
  • Support for NHS Sustainability Transformation Plans

Malcolm Lowe-Lauri, Executive Director of Cambridge University Health Partners, said: “The Chancellor talked of a number of areas in his budget from technical education to funding for research and support for NHS Sustainability Transformation Plans. These are important areas for Cambridge which could make a real difference to our future growth. As Cambridge develops the ideas, treatments and devices to meet the demands of the world’s healthcare challenges, there is a growing need to create the skills, expertise and ability deliver and manufacture the products.
“By investing in a Cancer and Medical Technology hubs on the Campus for example, we can create employment in Cambridgeshire and throughout the East of England. We can work with education providers to focus on valuable STEM subjects to create the highly skilled workforce we need. Cambridge has historically succeeded because of the strength of the city’s eco system which allows ideas to develop and flourish. We also have the space on the Biomedical Campus to accommodate expansion and the international connections to be the global centre for life science. Nowhere in the UK and rarely across the world do you find this unique set of conditions which is why we are so confident in the future.”

Have you got an idea which needs support?

Have you got an idea which needs support?

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