The tale of the Campus: from test tube to treatment

Find out why the Cambridge Biomedical Campus is so important to developing the treatments and healthcare of the future as the Cambridge Science Festival comes to the site on Sunday 26 March.

The Campus is home to many things - two much loved hospitals, world-leading pharmaceutical companies, world leading researchers and the University’s School of Clinical Medicine among many others.

Across the Addenbrooke’s Treatment Centre, Cancer Research UK’s Cambridge Institute  and the University Technical College, visitors from across the county and the local community will have the opportunity to see what is happening on the Campus and learn about the science behind healthcare innovation.

 As well as talks aimed at the young and old, there will be lots of things to see and do including:

  • Join scientists from the CRUK Cambridge Institute and MRC Cancer Unit to discover how cancer develops, grows and spreads. Put on a lab coat, isolate DNA or stain tissue samples and examine them under the microscope.
  • Book a tour of an operating theatre and seize the chance to visit the teddy bear clinic
  • Discover how blood cancers are diagnosed and wander through an inflatable colon
  • Become a ‘worm neuroscientist’ and discover how a tiny worm is helping us to understand how our neurons work.
  • Join metabolic scientists for hands-on activities and games, and take a closer look at how our bodies turn the food we eat into the energy we need to move, think and grow.
  • Visit UTC Cambridge and roll up your sleeves to experience the excitement of science in the UTC Challenge Labs.
  • Delve into a world full of discovery with Papworth Hospital, one of the largest heart and lung hospitals in Europe. Get up close and personal with exciting activities that are saving people’s lives at the hospital.
  • Discover more about the new buildings under construction and the next phase of development at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Malcolm Lowe-Lauri, Executive Director of Cambridge University Health Partners, said: “It is great to welcome back the Cambridge Science Festival to the Biomedical Campus. It will be a fantastic opportunity to explore some of the life-changing medical research which is taking place here, how new treatments are being developed and how we have become the UK capital of life sciences. So come and visit us on Sunday 26 March - ask questions, take part in hands-on experiments and explore the impact we are having as a Campus.” 

For more information about the Cambridge Science Festival on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus visit and to book activities go to

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